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Puppy ABC

Size A5, 220 pages, paperback

For a puppy, the first months in its new home are essential for the rest of its life. It strongly depends on the breeder, how much they can advise the new puppy owners – unfortunately, there is not always enough time to explain everything to everyone. However, each and every breeder wishes that the puppy buyers know how to take good care of their dog and are able to teach it the basic everyday skills.

The aim of Puppy ABC is to provide the breeder with a tool in this challenge. It is a book worth giving to the puppy buyer together with the puppy – or preferably already when the puppy has been reserved. This way the puppy buyers can familiarize themselves with the contents of the book and the topic in general before the puppy arrives and ask for additional information if needed.

The book explains, what the life with a puppy is like during the first six months of its life:

- Comparing a dog with people, what can and what cannot be expected from it?

- How to find the right attitude towards dog ownership and what will be included in the future life with a dog?

- What kind of an animal dog is and what is good for it?

- How the life will change when a puppy pads into it?

- How to teach the puppy the rules of the family and the basic skills needed in everyday life?

Not only does this book lead the puppy buyer into the puppy’s own world, it also encourages the puppy owner to inform the breeder about the dog for the whole of its life – especially regarding its health and temperament, which are important factors to be taken into account in breeding.

Puppy ABC values the breeders’ work and supports them in providing the new puppy owners with even better instructions than before. Proper care and feeding instructions are worth investing, because it would be hard for all parties should the puppy owner get into troubles with the puppy. Therefore, prevention of problems is absolutely rational for all – the breeder, the puppy and the puppy buyer. Many problems arise from ignorance and thus start developing on the first days when the puppy has arrived at its new home. Puppy ABC aims at responding to this challenge – by offering information about the factors that expose to problems and how to recognize, prevent and fix them.

Puppy ABC is an illustrative book that is easy to read. The A5-sized book has 220 pages. By giving it to the puppy buyer with the puppy you can make sure that the new puppy owner is provided with profound and reliable basic knowledge.

You can purchase the book on the internet (online bookstores listed below). After reading the book yourself, you can decide whether you, as the breeder, want to use it as a tool towards well-instructed puppy buyers. Naturally, the new puppy owners can order the book themselves as well, without the breeder as a middleman.

ISBN-13: 978-9528024361

ISBN-10: 952802436X

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The book will soon be available also as an e-book!